Hey, Guys-

It’s been a while since I have checked in via Vlog or Blog. I try to do this weekly, but sometimes life gets busy. Let’s just say work life has been crazy and my shoulder injury decided to act up last week. You can learn more about that if you want here. I am not one for excuses but I have been hustling just not to the public.

My day gig keeps me pretty busy. I have been pulling 12+ hour days. Sounds like I am complaining, but I am not. I actually enjoy the working my ass off. I am built that way.

Even the plane I am on right now, I watch people sleep, watch movies, read. I worked from wheels up to down. Hence getting 30 min to get a blog in. I don’t judge anyone, but I simply cannot just consume without production.

Before I got on the plane, I was given some very sad news that a friend from my past job had gotten into a car accident yesterday in Colorado and he passed away in his 40’s.


When people travel they are so mad, they are mad before anything even happens, our flight was delayed, ten minutes max and we have to move gates. I heard people grunting, complaining and just being mad at Delta. All I could think was I am beyond grateful I can see past being upset at these things, I am not perfect don’t get me wrong I get frustrated at dumb shit all the time. But I am working to not allow that to happen anymore.

I am breathing right now, that’s amazing. I am alive, I get to go to LA. I am SO GRATEFUL.

Who cares if I have to walk .5 miles before sitting for five hours, I am happy about it.

I think you get the point, guys just be grateful. We are SO SO lucky. We are alive.

Shitty things happen, I know, horrible things, but we have to move forward and remind ourselves daily how lucky we are.

Sending you all love and light. Think about what being grateful means to the people around you…will you be better to them? I think so.

Thanks for reading. Shift your perspective. xo