This week an “on this day” popped up on my Facebook from six years ago… My old blog, just shy of 10 posts. I gave up, planned to take time off and never wrote again. I lacked dedication and patience. I still do at times now. I have not been writing or vlogging much lately. I am burnt out.

There has always been this hole ,in my life so I fill it with a side hustle…then I lose focus and find another side hustle. After that blog, it was grad school.

I have a burning desire to want more, I cannot turn it off. More to come on this in another blog.

When I saw this reminder this week. I felt instant regret. SIX YEARS?! WHY Melissa?

I could have…

Helped so many people

Been on the cutting edge of vlogging and blogging

Be where I want to be RIGHT NOW.

But I gave up…so much regret and regret is poison.

Something, I have realized this week even before my first cute blog showed up. I distract myself with work, my job. I throw myself into it and allow it to consume me 100% every single day. I am always connected and always available. This leads to my burn out which crushing my creative thinking side which propels me to move forward with my desires.


It’s EASY.

Work is easy, I know how to do it. I know how to crush 100 emails in an hour, solve problems, project manager, lead people. But when it comes to what I really want to do it’s a challenge and I believe that I’d prefer to distract myself and work 80 hour weeks, but stressed and avoid doing what is scary and new. Is this hard to admit, yes. But I have the self-awareness and that can only lead me to what I really want and need to be doing.

What are you doing to avoid what you really want in life?

Stop whatever it is and start now because in a year it could change your entire life. Won’t you be thankful that you started today?

I’d love to hear what you are going to start today?