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Endometriosis shaped and changed my life. I am now on a mission to be an advocate for awareness, Endo affects 1 in 10 women and it’s rarely talked about.

My goal is to change that and support the women who are suffering.

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My Podcast: The Cycle

The Cycle a podcast about Endometriosis, with a goal not only to share endo stories, but to create a community to help others who are suffering. New episodes are released every 28 days.

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Blog Posts About Endo

Lessons from 2019…

2019 taught me acceptance, empathy, love, and rest. As I reflect from 30k feet…on my top nine. Just like you, I had many ups and downs. This year I worked very hard to shift my perspective no matter how positive or negative the situation was. I still am working on...

Top 10 ways to navigate the Holidays when you have Endometriosis.

Just say no. Please don’t feel like you have to do it all, take rest and be self-aware when you need to relax. Stop for a nap, movie, or even reading a few pages in your novel. You have to protect your boundaries, especially during this time of year. Travel. If you...

What does pain teach us?

After a week filled with high levels of physical pain, I often like to reflect on what it has taught me. My fuse feels shorter & that makes me a person I don't like. So I googled short fuse: "There may be physical reasons for your volatile mood – such as blood...

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A feature on my endometriosis awareness event from the Endometriosis Foundation of America. Read the article here


Women’s Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology highlights endometriosis awareness on the “Healthy Woman” show. Read the article here


My surgery story on DrSeckin.com. View the article here

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Can I help you on your Endo journey? After 20 years of suffering my goal is to educate and support people with Endo as well as their loved ones.