One thing I’ve personally been working hard on during this time is my mind & body. I’ve always struggled with slowing down.

I am not perfect and I’ve definitely had full days where I’ve rested and was not productive.

But my daily goals are the following:

👉meditation minimum 15 min
👉walk outside no matter the weather
👉stretch/workout/do something fitness related
👉maintain a quarantine log
👉track pain
👉track 4 things I’m grateful for

I can report that having these items on my to-do list daily has made an impact on my attitude each day and stress levels. I feel lighter in this very difficult time.

Don’t get me wrong I have moments all the time where I think I could start to cry and never stop for all of this suffering. I naturally pick up energy from others and I can feel the heaviness right now. I believe putting in daily practice can help reduce our pain. (And if not that’s okay too, it’s okay to not be okay, I’m here for you.)

Today I was lucky enough to work out, walk, meditation live with 20k people, and do yoga with 100 people.

Even though Endo pain kept me up most of last night my heart is still full. Passing that love to you. 🥰😘