Over the past several years I have been posting about my journey. Mostly the highlights but the lows as well. As a pretty private person to even those who are very close to me; being honest, vulnerable, and open on social media can be difficult. I do not deal well with people feeling bad for me, or looking at me like I am sick or asking me how I am feeling, I know it comes from a good place but I do feel uncomfortable.

How do you answer when you feel sick most days but you are trying to be as positive as humanly possible. I do feel good. I feel grateful, lucky, happy but that does not mean my body feels good.

Even running into someone from High School who looks at me and asks…”oh my goodness” how are you?

My goal to show the journey…why? To maybe help others feel less alone no matter where they are in their journey.

After listening to a few people I look up to I am going to get back to posting daily about the real journey.

Obviously we are all suffering in some way at this time and it is different for everyone but the bottom line is we need to be more empathic to one another and less selfish about ourselves. That is why I struggle with posting. it feels so self-centered and like I am complaining.

The past few months have been good but there have been many bumps in the road with COVID-19, my job, my health, my body image, and the future.

I am posting here to document that journey and it may be as boring as what fruit I ate today….(might want to unfollow now!) but I’m going to be less fearful about what people think of me.

Today my pain is high and I am more reflective.

Thanks for listening and I hope you are healthy and well. x