This is advice I keep telling myself. You have to not give a fuck. Look I am a people pleaser, I genuinely want everyone to be happy and if there is anything I can do to help people get there, I actually try.

The holidays bring people together and there is nothing more exciting to me than being with the ones I love. Often times I pour myself into work, learning, and other projects which cause me to not see the ones I love enough. This it totally on me. This is a sacrifice to achieve what I want in life. Selfish maybe.

Back to the holidays, the six weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas will be filled with seeing people, sharing time and love. I could not be more grateful for this and all of the people in my life.

This year has been a little different, I am different. My priorities have shifted. Discipline has always been present in my life, as well as motivation but this year I have learned some key factors that are helping me be more aware of what I want.

Fitness has always been important to me, it’s something I need to have present in my life mostly for stress management, but I also enjoy it and it elevates my mood. This year I learned a great deal about what works for me and the results are showing, at least that is what people keep telling me.

What does this have to do with the holidays, well I am seeing people I have not seen in a while and they are complementing my results, which makes me uncomfortable. I have to remember to say thank you. I am not great at accepting compliments, but I am working on it. With those compliments also comes judgment. I cannot understand this and it’s hurtful. Are people jealous of my drive and dedication? The holidays bring eating and drinking and being merry right?! Most of these things I am avoiding because

A. I hate hangovers, who doesn’t. I don’t want to make myself feel sick., kill results and productivity.

B. I am not really into eating poorly and never have been. Here and there of course.

Why is it these people who love me feel the need to pressure me…

“Just stay out, You can have another drink…it’s Saturday, Don’t be so lame.”

“What do you have to workout tomorrow?” In a snarky tone.

“Oh come one just one more drink”

“Live a little.”

I have zero problem saying no or not responding but that does not mean it does not get me down. Remember how I want to please people, but why can they not be happy and support me? I know, I know…I need to not give a Fuck, I am working on it but its hard.

I will continue to work hard, be dedicated and not care about others think this is my life and I am trying to live it the way I want.

Don’t let people get you down because of their shit, keep saying no unless you want to say yes to one more drink, a donut, or anything else in life that you actually WANT.