2019 taught me acceptance, empathy, love, and rest.

As I reflect from 30k feet…on my top nine.

Just like you, I had many ups and downs. This year I worked very hard to shift my perspective no matter how positive or negative the situation was. I still am working on that today.

I believe a big lesson for myself and all of us is there is nothing wrong with slowing down and doing what feels right for our lives. My entire life, I have been on the go, wicked type A, never slowing down to actually enjoy things. I believe that for many years the universe has been trying to slow me down, but I kept pushing. No matter what it robbed me of.

In 2019, I read, did nothing, and napped more than in my entire life (it feels that way). In the past, I did not care about myself enough to take a break. I believe I did not think I was worthy of it; if that makes sense. But the robust recovery from my surgery as well as realizing that Endo is chronic and not going away kicked me to a point where I had to take a real break and look at what is essential. Friends, family, and relationships with other humans.

2019 brought many others with Endo into my life, I have so many new sisters, from all over the world bonded together as warriors fighting each day for better care, wellbeing, and awareness.

I am ready for 2020 and look forward to the lessons it will teach.

Thank you for loving, supporting me, and being ion my community. It really means so much to me.

HNY. <3 Melissa