I’ve been thinking, a lot. This is kind of funny because I always think a lot. But it’s different lately and its 9/11 and I know I will #neverforget. It’s Sunday and perfect outside. I am sitting on the deck drinking a protein shake and pumpkin coffee (so basic) and getting ready for yoga. It feels like Fall is coming. Today is the first Lions game of the season. I am geeked it is later today so I can enjoy this amazing sun.

Okay, back to the thinking thing. I have this burning desire to reach people, help them. I am on that journey now. Just doing it, trying to figure it out. If you have ever watched one of my vlogs you know. I rant often about not knowing what my calling is. But, I have realized that is part of the journey. I want to also try just blogging and podcasting, these seem like all good ways to reach people and maybe help them. So here is my first blog post in real life, I have done them before for school and Endometriosis in the past, but this is my first for reals.

So, welcome and thanks for being here, reading this and supporting me in the beginning. I am sure over time I will improve, and I appreciate you for giving me a chance.

I got over the hump to start writing this after I saw this app called Grammarly. It gave me the confidence to put written word out there. I was afraid if my grammar was not on point that people would judge me and think I was stupid if I did not write professionally. Then I realized who gives a fuck. If people don’t like what you are doing, writing, how you live, who cares.

You get one shot at this life thing, don’t you think you should live it the way you want to?

Thanks for reading, more to come…