Pain changes you.
All types of pain.
Physical & Emotional.

You have to decide HOW it changes you.

For me, it’s taught me gratitude & empathy.

Gratitude for what I do have vs things I don’t.

Empathy for I know everyone is going through something behind closed doors. So, I work to be kind no matter what and give as much as I can to others.
I fail here sometimes when I push too hard. I get burnt out and find myself being short or grumpy to those I love the most. It’s a work in progress.

I also often feel misunderstood. I look normal but my pain can be a 4-9 daily and it changes my energy. It’s hard for others to understand my fight and that’s okay as I need to be more open about it. Some days the pain is bad, and I’m scared but I never tell anyone I am. Not one soul. Well, now I just told the internet.

Be in it when you have pain. Feel it. Learn from it and try to be better. I appreciate the morning sky every day. I see the beauty no matter what I’m dealing with. See something beautiful today no matter what you may have going on.