Last night wrapped up a 45-day challenge at my gym, I have participated in this challenge before twice. (Skipped 2019)

I was hesitant to sign up this year because I was scared that it would be too much since I have not felt well since early 2018. 🙁
The challenge is scored by points. Points for working out daily and completing 7 zones of training each day and posting on social media. (I did Facebook this time, you are welcome ;)) I still remained on my normal training schedule 4x a week of weight training in addition to this.
There were many a lesson learned, but mostly my heart is full from all the lovely new friends I made, the trainers I met and the time we got to spend together every day! We started as strangers and left as family.
1. Always do something even if it scares you. It will be worth it.
2. Rest when you need rest without guilt.
3. Know when to push yourself, do you really need rest or you just don’t want to do it?
4. Shared experience with other humans is priceless and life-enhancing.
5. Do not compare yourself to others.
6. Do your best.
This experience humbled me, as I could not keep up some days, I had to rest and I was comparing myself to everyone. In the middle of the challenge I overdid it, I did a double day and it set me into a full flare-up. Being super type-a I pushed myself to go back and it resulting in me almost passing out at the gym and crying when I physically could not do the exercise. I was embarrassed and very hard on myself. But the community lifted me up, checked on me and sent me love. They taught me to take care of myself 1st. Which I have always struggled with and still do.
Acceptance is something I am working on, I am a pretty sick girl, but I am trying to not let that define me and fighting to feel better.
I do need surgery again, I REALLY don’t want to, sitting with it for now. Nothing planned.
Here are some of the best pics, notice I am always laying down, LOL.
Be grateful for the people, the opportunities and all you have. And Empathy, you never know what someone else is going through.
Have a great day. <3