Pain. It sucks. Bottom line. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself all day not to mention other work stress, guilt, and being a baby. I work every day to not complain because complaining gets you nowhere. There is zero point.

Trying to stay positive…here.

Do something about it is how I roll. I am bad at relaxing but on my life journey to learn more, listening to podcasts and reading feels less lazy to me. Its growth and learning and people crave growth, I know it.

Last week I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast with Tony Robbins, okay, okay relax don’t stop reading. Trust me I was skeptical about this one since I thought Tony Robbins was a hack, I have no idea why I thought this since my only experience with him was in the movie Shallow Hal.

I really enjoyed the podcast and learned more about Robbins. I think it’s worth checking out. I bet like me you will gain more respect for him. During the podcast, he mentioned a Netflix documentary. So tonight sulking about my pain and rest restriction all week. I decided to watch it.

“I balled my eyes out. Not a big crier for real. Balled.”

You know what I learned and continue to learn daily. Stop worrying about the small stuff and live in the moment. Whatever you are sad, upset, nervous, or any other emotion about take it as a lesson, it’s making you who you are. Not to mention there is someone out there who has been to hell and back, who is fighting to live and you are mad about the traffic today?

Time to shift your perspective. I see life as chapters and if this is not going to matter in a week, year, five years. Stop fretting about it right now. Life is WAY to short.

Let me know your thoughts comment below and start shifting your perspective now. Get out there and enjoy life and be grateful for what you have.

Thanks for reading. Xo