That pretty much sums up my night. People who don’t understand what Endometriosis is cannot understand the pain associated with it.

What the heck is Endometriosis?




a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain.

In my words, a sufferer of this horrible auto immune disease. It’s when the tissue that should grow in your uterus grows outside it. It’s like a spider web that covers all of the organs in the pelvic cavity causing all sorts of pain. It sucks.

The pain feels like someone it stabbing you in the abdomen while setting it on fire.

Back to last night…

I am sitting on the couch just finished dinner and a very long day. Doing some research on flights when BAM, it starts like so many times before. The pain starts to creep up. I know what is coming and react immediately, Advil, cherry pit pac in the microwave. But it’s too late, the pain is started and there is no breaking it now. I was just thinking the other day, wow I have been good for months, I am so grateful.

I lie down, to rest, breath but the pain increases with each minute until I am at a 10. My breath is shallow, I go white, I am going to pass out, maybe get sick. I am unsure. I just know my entire body is reacting to the pain. The evil dark pain. I always want to go to the ER where there will be no help. Just hallways of people crying out in pain, waiting to be seen, I know this too shall pass. So I scrap myself off the couch, and crawl to my bed. Barely making it up the stairs. Once I get into bed the writhing will not stop. Kicking, rocking, unable to think, breath. I get closer to fainting and try to breath, remain calm. Pain, the earth shattering pain. I add another Advil into the mix and rock back and forth for another hour. The pain slowly eases…8..6..4…1. I finally fall asleep. Until 5:30am the pain returns but its not as intense. Thank goodness. I have to make it through the day.

Endometriosis affects 176 Million Women, but there is little awareness, its taboo. The bottom line is painful cramps are not normal. While Endo may start as cramps it then transcends into a daily issue. I know hundreds of women that cannot get out of bed every day, they have been told they are crazy, it’s a mental illness, depression and many other things that are simply not true. Some just 24, told to remove their uterus and not have children. All of this is WRONG. I know this is hard to believe but it’s true. The education is not there for the doctors, thus causing women to be misinformed. The good news is the education is happening slowly and the awareness is growing. You are not alone in this fight. Keep pushing forward and know there are options to feel better and have children. You just need the right information.

Here are some resources if you need help: