Just say no. Please don’t feel like you have to do it all, take rest and be self-aware when you need to relax. Stop for a nap, movie, or even reading a few pages in your novel. You have to protect your boundaries, especially during this time of year.

Travel. If you are traveling, make sure to pack all your comforts, heating pad, cozy blankets, slipper, and PJs. Also, don’t forget supplements, medications, and anything else you take daily. Try and take breaks if you have to be seated for long periods by taking short walks or lying down.

Routine. Do you best here, if you have to miss something, it’s okay, take a break, especially if you are feeling run down all ready. Endo loves inflammation, and the more you overdo it, the more you are at risk of having a flare-up.

Sleep. Make sure you are sleeping as much as you can. Events, parties, and more will be going on, try and get 8+ hours of sleep. This is time for your body to repair.

Ask for help. If you are hosting an event or need to buy 100 gifts, enlist friends and family to help you. Is someone already running to Target, can they grab something, or how about a potluck vs. trying to do all the cooking.

Gratitude.  Practice this each morning or night. It helps us turn what we have into enough. You can write three things down in your phone, a notebook or even just in your head.

This can be as simple as taking ten minutes of sitting alone and breathing or just lying and breathing deep. You can count …breath in 1…. breath out…2 and so on for ten minutes, this will relax your body and mind. Calming any responses, you may be having from all the added stress.   

Food & Drink. Yes, this is the tough one. Do you very best to avoid foods you know will make you feel worse. It is not worth the pain. Share any diet restrictions with whoever is hosting you or come prepared with your own food & snacks. Alcohol, if this flares you up, might be best to restrict it, or be very limited in drinking. Sub in club soda and lime or bring a fun non-alcoholic drink.

Leave Early. Not feeling good, don’t push it, leave early, take an Uber, or two cars to each event in case you need to call it a night.

Love. Take a moment to enjoy the time with friends and family. Yes, these times can be stressful, but this is the time of year to share joy, love, and kindness to others.

Thank you for reading, wishing you a fun, pain-free, and restful holiday season. Xo Melissa