What a difference a year makes. One year ago, today, I was in surgery number 6. Today I am back squatting 100lbs.

There are many things I am reflecting upon today; how much this year has taught me, changed me, and tested my strength. But to save you from reading a giant long caption I will toss out some key takeaways that hopefully help you on whatever journey you may be on.

1. One step at a time, so important. I am not perfect at this. I am a planner, but as soon as I start getting ahead of myself, I begin the stress, worry, and anxiousness.

2. You have to fight for you. Fight for what you know in your heart is right, even when it seems impossible.

3. Start now, you have so much time, but do not delay because that time will go fast.

4. Be kind. You never know what someone else may have going on behind closed doors.

5. Please, for me, never take your health for granted. Be kind to your body. Fuel it with good food & water, move it, and be kind to yourself. You have no idea how lucky you are until you do not have your health. ( I start to cry every time I say this to people or type it)

6. Just try. Scared. Try. Don’t think you can. Try. Failed? Try again.

7. Tell people you love them and thank them often. Your life could change in 30 seconds make sure people know how you feel about them. If they are essential, you let them know and show them.

8. Social Media life is not real life.

9. Take care of yourself, so you can be to service to others.

10. Gratitude, practice it daily. You are so fortunate to be happy with what you do have vs. what you don’t.

I do want to say this journey was not as expected, but I would not change it. I just after 20 years have admitted to myself that I am a sick girl, in the past, I fought & denied it. Now I have accepted it and have decided it’s my purpose to pay it forward to help other people suffering from Endo or anything else. It took me years to open up about my struggles publically. I promise you it is still not easy to talk about this on social media, but talking about it on social media has helped me pay it forward to build awareness and help others not suffer for as long as I have.

Thank you for supporting me this past year. I have gained many new friends and a whole new family in New York. I would not change this journey.

I am fortunate enough to receive the care I deserve, while I know so many suffering unable to receive this care. I will never take it for granted.

Lastly, to Bryan, he is my hero and my nurse. He has seen the hell and never once was not there to help me out of it. I have no idea how I got so lucky to have him as my better half, but I cherish each moment I have with him. None of this would be possible without him as my cheerleader and with me each step of the way.