After a week filled with high levels of physical pain, I often like to reflect on what it has taught me.

My fuse feels shorter & that makes me a person I don’t like.

So I googled short fuse:

“There may be physical reasons for your volatile mood – such as blood sugar, thyroid or hormonal imbalances, food intolerances, toxins, tiredness or high levels of stress hormones.”

All of these could be true, but my intuition knows better. I’ve been pushing hard to do all the things. As an introvert, I need to be alone to recharge. I have not allowed myself this space in several weeks. I have not written, read, or meditated.

I also do not factor the physical pain & the toll this takes on my body/mind, I ignore this pain until is screams, until I am limping, unable to walk, or sit. My fuse at this point is shot & I become very quiet or short with the people I love. This has to change, nothing makes me feel more terrible.

This morning I woke up & the pain was lighter, I went to the gym to feel better & stronger. I did a double workout. Upper & lower body. I did not make it to the gym yesterday, too much pain. I feel much better after the time alone, a strong workout, lower level of pain, & music in my ears.  

Moral of this story:

1. Self Awareness- I need to take me time to be the person I want to be, although hard because I want to “do it all” as well as “not disappoint” it’s key to my happiness as well as being a person that can serve others because I have the bandwidth to and it gives me joy.

Are you self aware? If you stop right now & think what is one thing you want to change?

2. If you miss a workout, adjust your days to make it up or double up. Or just miss it, one workout missed is NDB. Get back at it when you feel better.

Every day you are just taking small steps to lead to something bigger; so ya miss a workout, meditation, or you eat something you think is bad. Just move forward. 

 Just don’t give up & take care of yourself. 

All the love.